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Spanish Language Classes

    • Date created

      September 10, 2020

    • Last updated

      September 10, 2020

    Spanish for Everyday

    Students learn basic conversation. This course is for beginning students with zero Spanish knowledge or students who want to sample classes before committing to full courses. The course meets for only 4 weeks.

    Introduction to Spanish

    Students learn basic conversation strategies and vocabulary based on familiar everyday activities and real-world situations.

    Spanish Conversation 1

    Students further basic conversation strategies based on going out and interacting at restaurants and stores, making complex travel and work arrangements, describing places and items, and going to the doctor.

    Spanish Conversation 2

    Students will further intermediate conversation strategies based on renting a house or an apartment, describing people, talking about studies and hobbies, discussing the weather, expressing opinions, and managing technology.

    Spanish Conversation 3

    Students will further high intermediate conversation strategies based on handling money, talking about the seasons and climate, traveling in Latin American countries, describing places, and talking about clothes.

    Spanish Conversation 4

    Students will further low advanced conversation strategies based on discussing and using social media and the Internet, talking about countries and nationalities, discussing animals and pets, using the bank, writing letters and emails, and telling stories in the past.

    Advanced Spanish Conversation

    Students work on improving pronunciation, practicing conversation strategies, and delivering formal oral presentations. The course emphasizes the development of fluency in spoken Spanish and the discussion of academic works and literature in various fields of study.

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