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Professional English Programs

    • Date created

      September 10, 2020

    • Last updated

      September 10, 2020

    Hospitality English

    Empower your staff with the English skills they need to service your clients on the front end. Hospitality English is a supplementary course designed to develop a job-specific and social language for a variety of positions, from hotel receptionist to sales manager.

    Aviation English Solutions

    For Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

    As the demand for international air travel increases, there is an ever-growing need for pilots and air traffic controllers to be proficient in English to meet licensing requirements, ensure light safety, and maintaining operational efficiency.

    Whether your personal need to achieve or maintain their ICAO4 certification or develop the English skills to be successful in ab-initio training, a DynED-based aviation English program provides the skill-based learning platform needed to guarantee results.

    Dynamic Business English

    Develop the English language skills necessary for effective oral presentations, interviews, meetings, and planning with Dynamic Business English.

    Functioning in Business

    A video-based English course designed for those wishing to succeed in an international business environment. Used in conjunction with Dynamic Business English, the course prepares students to deal with a wide range of common business situations and to do well on standardized English tests such as the TOEIC® and TOEFL®.

    English by the Numbers

    English by the Numbers guides learners to achieve fluency with numbers, giving them the confidence they need to talk about data, graphs, and other quantitative information in presentations and conversations that are essential in today’s global business environment.

    New Dynamic English

    It is a general English course for adults, that develops the conceptual and structural language skills necessary for English fluency. It focuses on the language that is immediately useful and prepares learners to incorporate new vocabulary and phrases into their language base. New Dynamic English follows a syllabus that helps students acquire English as a skill they can use with confidence in school and in their careers. The course provides more than 200 hours of study and practice.

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